Mindfully Writing Your Story

"We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?"
-Doctor Who

Yes, I LOVE Dr. Who. But that's not why we're here.
Well, it could be. But before this turns into a Steven Mofatt fan page...

We all have a story to tell. I believe the more we share our story, the better understanding we gain-not only of each other, but of ourselves. 

Sometimes there are bits of ourselves hiding or we're too close to see them. 

Then there are the stories others hold of you, which are really stories of you filtered through their own stories and other people's stories which make even more stories...

And now I'm reminded of playing “Telephone” in elementary school. You know, the game where the whole class sits in a circle and passes a message from person to person. It starts as a simple statement like, “Poodles are my favorite animal,” but ends as, “Noodles do well in the sand.”

So what does this have to do with copywriting?

Writing copy is very similar to other forms of writing. Writing anything really is often used to conjure emotion, provide value, and make meaningful connections internally or with an external audience.

But messages can get lost without the right delivery.

That's why mindfulness is such an important tool.

Mindfulness allows us to understand and pay attention to other's needs. 
It allows us to make connections
And to stay true to our values and messages.

I dot every "I" and cross every "T" in order to ensure an accurate reflection of your story into mindfully written copy for your product or service.

So don’t sell noodles in the sand. Get your message to your audience with a mindful copywriter who can tell your story in an engaging and valuable way.

Until then…
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I have been writing since elementary school, when I made a chapbook of original poetry. It was then I fell in love with poetry and writing, starting with a poem about a panteater by William Cole.

I started performing at age 15 and have performed at over 20 different venues. I've had the honor of performing my work with incredible musicians and writers such as Leo Svirsky, Dr. Thomas Stanley, Elliott Levin, and Marshall Allen.

My life's goal is to not only expand people's hearts and minds, but to change the world for the better, starting with myself. I dove into the worlds of psychology, meditation and yoga where I've explored a deep perspective of being human based off of real-world knowledge and intuition. 

We are all a collection of stories. But that is not all we are. And if we're lucky, we can write our stories together, even if it's just for a little while...

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AWAI's 83 Word Challenge. The goal was to write an ad for email that would encourage attendees to visit a made up company's booth (WarmCo) at NRAS. 8 words for the headline and 75 for the body.
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